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Posted inCalifornia

Early Signs of Hope as Monarch Butterflies Return to California Overwintering Sites

PORTLAND, Ore. October 22, 2021 – Migratory western monarchs are being reported at their overwintering sites in coastal California in greater numbers than last year, with hundreds at some sites and thousands at others, giving hope for the struggling population. These reports are particularly welcome after the population reached an all-time low of 1,914 butterflies […]

Posted inCalifornia

Residents and Communities Step Up to Protect California’s Monarch Butterflies

SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 10, 2021—From a nature reserve in Los Angeles to a school garden in the Central Valley to tribal land in the Sierra Foothills, over 140 habitat projects creating safe places for monarchs and other pollinators have been made possible through the Xerces Society’s habitat kit program in California. As a result, more […]

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Western Monarch Population Closer to Extinction as the Wait Continues for Monarchs’ Protection Under the Endangered Species Act

During the 24th Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count, nearly 100 volunteers donned their masks and practiced social distancing to carefully survey groves of trees on the California and Northern Baja coast for monarch butterflies. Despite the challenges of conducting field work during a pandemic, volunteers surveyed 246 sites, three more sites than last year. Unfortunately, to the […]

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New Issue of PNAS Lays Out the Case for Why We Should Take Action to Protect Insects

PORTLAND, Ore. January 11, 2021 – With well over one million known species, insects and other invertebrates eclipse all other forms of life on Earth. They are essential to the reproduction of most flowering plants, including many fruits, vegetables and nuts; they are food for birds, fish and other animals; they filter water and help […]

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Much-Needed Federal Protection for America’s Beloved Monarch Butterfly Warranted, but Precluded by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

PORTLAND, Ore., December 15, 2020 -Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that listing the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act is warranted, but precluded by other priorities. The monarch was proposed for listing in 2014 through a petition submitted by the Xerces Society and our conservation partners, including Center for Biological Diversity, […]

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Monarch Population in California Spiraling to Another Record Low

PORTLAND, Ore. November 30, 2020 – Early count numbers from the Xerces Society’s Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count suggest that the western migratory population is at an all-time low. Numbers have been received from 74 sites—over 30% of the data anticipated this year—and only 1,224 monarchs have been reported. The greatest number of monarchs at a single site […]

Posted inCalifornia

Western Monarch Call to Action, a 5-point rapid-response action plan to rescue the monarch butterfly

PORTLAND, Ore. Jan. 17, 2019 – The population of monarch butterflies overwintering in California has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded. Surveys done by volunteers with the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count found only 28,429 butterflies, an 86% fall from the previous year—and a 99.4% decline from the number of monarchs in the state in […]

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Conservation Organizations Seek Protection for California’s Endangered Bumble Bees

SACRAMENTO, Calif. October 16, 2018 – Today conservation and food safety groups filed a petition with the California Fish and Game Commission to list four species of native bumble bees—western bumble bee, Franklin’s bumble bee, Crotch’s bumble bee and the Suckley cuckoo bumble bee—as Endangered under California’s Endangered Species Act. Bumble bees are among our […]

Posted inCalifornia

New Guidelines for Protecting California’s Monarch Butterfly Groves

PORTLAND, Ore.; November 9, 2017 – The image of monarch butterflies winging their way for hundreds or thousands of miles to find winter shelter enthralls children and adults alike. To support this annual cycle, monarchs need milkweed and nectar, but also secure overwintering sites, the target of their epic flight. These sites are increasingly under […]

Posted inCalifornia

Twenty Years of Counting Monarch Butterflies in California

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., November 18, 2016—Monarch butterflies have returned to forested groves along the California coast for the winter, and once again volunteers for the Xerces Society Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count are heading out to observe and monitor this phenomenon. This year is particularly exciting because it marks the 20th time the count has been […]

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