Vallejo, CA, September 16, 2022 — Today, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 1137, which will protect California communities by requiring a health-protective, science-based 3,200-foot buffer zone between new oil and gas operations and homes, hospitals, schools, parks, prisons, and other sensitive areas. With the signing of this legislation, communities will be protected from adverse health effects associated with oil and gas activities, including respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, developmental abnormalities, poor pregnancy outcomes, and cancer.  

The passage of SB 1137 is the culmination of a decades-long battle led by environmental justice organizations and frontline communities. With the Governor’s signature today, SB 1137 will protect the lives of approximately 3 million Californians and set an example for the nation to put people over profit. 

In response, Brandon Dawson, Director of Sierra Club California released the following statement: 

“SB 1137 is a major step towards stopping all oil and gas drilling where we’re living. Sierra Club California applauds the leadership of Governor Newsom for signing this important bill, and Senators Gonzalez and Limón for championing it. 

“Oil and gas extraction sites disproportionately harm black and brown and low income communities, and cause severe negative public health and environmental impacts. It’s past time we stopped poisoning our neighborhoods with toxic pollution from these environmentally destructive industries.

Sierra Club California is the legislative and regulatory arm of Sierra Club’s 13 local chapters in California, representing half a million members and supporters.

“This effort would not have been possible without the persistence of environmental justice organizations and frontline communities. Sierra Club California will continue working with our partners to advocate for scaling back oil and gas production across the state.”