Washington May 8, 2018 – Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement after President Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement by refusing to waive sanctions on Iran:

“Everything President Obama has done, this president wants to undo. An agreement that prevents Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is one thing that should never be undone.

“President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement is a strategic mistake contrary to our national security interests. The greatest threat to the United States and Israel is a nuclear-armed Iran, and the agreement prevents that. There is absolutely no sound reason to exit at this time.

“The president’s desire to fulfill a campaign promise has further diminished our nation’s credibility, weakening our standing in the world. Future diplomatic efforts, including with Iran and North Korea, will be even more difficult now that we’ve abandoned an agreement we led the world in negotiating.

“Today’s actions may force the president to sanction the very same partners and allies who helped us negotiate the agreement in the first place. Worse, Iran may choose to resume its nuclear activities, raising the possibility of yet another major conflict in the region. It’s impossible to argue that either scenario benefits the United States.

“The president stated his decision was based on Iran’s support for terror groups, its ballistic missile program and its human rights violations. Those issues will be even more difficult to resolve now that he has alienated the nations who share our concerns. I urge the president to reconsider his decision and to work with our international partners to improve, not destroy, the agreement.”