TRUCKEE, Calif. January 8, 2017 – Heavy rain continues throughout the Town.  There was a brief change over to snow at higher elevations overnight, but that did little to impact the run-off.  At this time there is no major flooding in Town, no road closures and no significant power outages that we are aware of.  The Truckee River is within its banks through Town.  The Police and Public Works have additional staffing on and our working to address any issues that come up.

The Town continues to provide sand bags at the USFS office on Stockrest Springs and Truckee Fire Station #92 on Donner Pass Rd.  The Town has supplied between 8000-10,000 sandbags and over 100 tons of sand.  Supplies of bags are running low, so if you have your own, that is recommended.

Truckee Fire would like to notify the community that they have some flooding in Soda Springs around Old Hwy 40 but nothing else of significance at this point.

Some reminders:
Water is ponding and running across roadways in places.  This is expected.  Drivers are reminded to slow down prior to entering these areas.  Hard braking, turning or accelerating can cause loss of control.

Water on roadways is generally not a reason to call 911 unless there is an immediately life safety risk.  Please call the Town’s Public Works phone line at (530) 582-7707.

Please be very careful around rivers and streams.  Heavy run-off has undercut many banks and edges making them unstable.  As little as six inches of water could sweep a person off their feet.