Data courtesy TNF

NEVADA CITY, Calif. May 31, 2019 – 2,034 lightning strikes were recorded within California. 1,108 strikes were detected within the National Forests. The majority of the recorded downstrikes were concentrated on the northern portion of the state.

Today, a similar weather pattern is forecast with thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. Current Water vapor imagery shows an upper low over NorCal with its center currently locations somewhere between Sacramento and Tahoe. This low will be the primary controller of the weather over the next several days. MU cape proggs showing plenty of instability for afternoon shower and thunderstorms with PW proggs still showing 1 inch or more of TPW lingering over the region. Instability, moisture and orographic lift of the mountains, foothills and northern Sacramento valley convergence will bring scattered thunderstorms again today as afternoon heating develops. [source: NWS Sacramento]

Data courtesy TNF

On the Tahoe National Forest, the first active strike was recorded yesterday at 11:03 am and lightning activity ceased by 7:08 pm. Firefighters are patrolling the strike areas and will attempt to locate any fires caused by the lightning. Yesterday, three single tree fires were suppressed by the firefighters. In addition to ground resources, aerial monitoring of the area may take place.

The BLM’s lightning detection system recorded detected 178 strikes within the Tahoe – 17 for the American River Ranger District, none on the Truckee Ranger District, 22 for the Sierraville Ranger District, and 139 for Yuba River Ranger District.