January 13, 2021 – Dear NJUHSD Community:

Last week’s horrific rioting at our nation’s Capital and its subsequent political fallout remind us of how difficult this year has been for our nation and community. While we may be thousands of miles away from this and other social and political epicenters, Nevada County is not immune from the challenges and effects they create.

I want to reiterate to our students, families, staff, and community that the Nevada Joint Union High School District (NJUHSD) condemns any acts of violence, hate, and systemic support of racism at any level of our society. Our public discourse and policy making must uphold the spirit and rule of law enumerated in our nation’s Constitution and statutes. The rioting and attempted subversion of our democratic institutions and processes, along with their foundations of hate and racism, are completely contrary to the vision, mission, and core values of NJUHSD.

NJUHSD remains firmly committed to fundamentally changing individual beliefs and institutional systems that condone and/or support hate and racism in our community. The district recently established a Task Force on Racism and Unconscious Bias. The Task Force includes a wide spectrum of district and community stakeholders that have begun work on developing a series of policy recommendations for eventual consideration and possible adoption. However, like any local government institution, we acknowledge that our school district has a long way to go when it comes to its own journey to address internal and external systems of racism. Nevertheless, we are resolute in continuing that journey. In closing, I want to express my appreciation and pride for how well our students, staff, and schools have navigated discussions and reactions to national and worldwide events of this past year. We continue to welcome and encourage courageous conversations within our schools and community that are peaceful, respectful, and kind. NJUHSD will continue to teach, practice, and model these ideals for our students and broader community.

Thank you for your continued support of NJUHSD and Nevada County schools. It continues to be a great honor to serve this outstanding community.

Brett W. McFadden