February 25, 2017 – The Code Compliance Division is pleased to have completed another nuisance abatement project.  This project was located at the 11000 block of Alta Sierra Drive.  The code case was opened in April 2016 after a house fire.  Code violations included a fire damaged residence and solid waste.

In August 2016, after several months of working with the property owner to begin clean-up of the property, demolition began and the residential structure was taken down.  Clean-up continued for the next two months but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the property owner was unable to finish the clean-up work and unsafe conditions remained on the property.

Once progress stopped, the Code Compliance Division offered the property owner the Voluntary Nuisance Abatement Program in order to save on the cost of a full Nuisance Abatement hearing process.  The program allows the property owner the ability to voluntarily waive the abatement hearing and appeal process and gives the County permission to enter the property and abate the code violations.  Once the abatement is complete, a bill of the abatement costs is charged to the property owner.  If payment is not received, a lien is placed on the property.

Once the Request for Proposals was advertised and proposals received to finish the clean-up of the property, a contractor was selected in January 2017.  Work was completed in February 2017 and included the demolition and removal of the garage, removal of the solid waste and erosion control measures to prevent runoff.  The Code Compliance case has now been closed.