NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 7, 2018 – At the end of election night, 26,956 ballots have been counted in Nevada County, representing 39.14% of the 68,869 registered voters.

Approximately 1,000 conditional voter registrations (same day registrations) were issued on election day in one of the 8 vote centers. Once the eligibility of these voters is verified, their ballots will be counted during the 28-day official canvass period.

Approximately 11,000 ballots received before election day (over the weekend and on Monday) remain to be scanned and another 10-12,000 were received today. That estimate is based on the number of trays filled with ballots in the secure counting room at the elections office – it is just an estimate!

Any ballot postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the county elections office no later than 3 days after Election Day will be added to the remaining ballots.

County Registrar of Voters Greg Diaz estimated his office could process some 10,000 ballots in the next three days. The next election result update is slated for a week after the election on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

A more accurate tally of ballots remaining to be counted is expected by Friday at the latest.

2 replies on “An estimated 22,000 ballots remain to be counted in Nevada County”

  1. I don’t understand why there won’t be another up date from the Elections Office until next Tuesday especially when there are 20,000+ ballots yet to be counted. I see how this might work well for the staff, but I do not see how this benefits the public. It seems to me that we have a right to know what the count is as it’s taking place and that the Mr. Diez has an obligation to keep us posted. Maybe Yubanet can find out why he’s withholding the tallies as they are taking place.

    1. There has been an update this morning with the number of unprocessed ballots. Staff and temp workers are preparing over 27,000 ballots mailed/dropped off on election day. They are verifying signatures, then opening the envelopes. Ballots then are inspected for stains etc, sorted into the various precincts and batched for scanning and tabulating. Tallying means the process has to be halted, due to the ancient equipment.

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