NEVADA CITY, Calif. July 4, 2018 – On July 3 at around 6:46 pm, 50-year-old Grass Valley resident Mr. Rick Caffey was driving a 1998 Honda Civic eastbound on SR-20 west of Chalk Bluff Road. 71-year old Grass Valley resident Mr. Edward Mabe was driving a 1994 GMC Sierra westbound on SR-20 approaching Mr. Caffey’s location.

Mr. Caffey diverted his attention from the road by reaching for an object in his car and allowed his vehicle to travel across the double yellow lines into the westbound lane directly into the path of Mr. Mabe. The front of the Honda collided into the front of the GMC.

The GMC continued in a westerly direction and overturned at least one time. The Honda, continued to travel in a easterly direction until it coasted to a stop.

The passenger of the GMC sustained fatal injuries as a result of this collision.

Alcohol and/or drugs have been determined to NOT be a factor in the collision. This investigation is still ongoing by the California Highway Patrol.

SR-20 (east of Nevada City) has seen 4 fatal collisions this year. The Grass Valley CHP has been working on a strategic plan to address the concerns on SR-20 regarding safer driving practices.