April 3, 2017 – Spring is an irresistible season for those interested in viewing birds at South Yuba State Park.  This seasonal transition marks the arrival of migrating birds to the park who are following warm weather, longer days, and resurgent food supply.

Wood-Warblers, Western Tanagers, Black-headed Grosbeak, various species of flycatchers, Yellow-breasted Chats are among the migrants at the park this time of the year. All of them are in their showiest mating season plumage.

Likewise, hundreds of Cliff and Northern Rough-winged Swallows can be viewed busily building nests and raising young under and along the highway bridge.

Coming out of the past few drought years, we anticipate better food supply and even more migrants than normal this year.

We also look forward to the return of our spring/summer resident Bald Eagles.  The Eagles have been absent for several years after their large nest blew down in a fall wind storm.

However, they have been observed early this spring rebuilding a nest near their previous one in the hills southwest of the visitor center. Visit www.southyubariverstatepark.org website for more information and brochures.