NIXON, NV, August 25, 2016 – The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe would like to advise travelers going to the Burning Man Festival to obey posted speed limits, and to slow down and keep your distance while traveling through the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. The Tribe would like motorists to be aware of the dangers associated with high speeds on two lane highways; all State Routes on the reservation are two lane roads with very narrow shoulders.

Due to the expected number of vehicles traveling to the Burning Man Festival, all motorists are advised to be extra cautious while traveling through the reservation. The Tribe reminds visitors to leave no trace as is advised when visiting the playa. Do not dump trash on the side of the highway, in Tribal communities or leave it at Pyramid Lake, please utilize authorized dumping sites, or use the services of a Tribal trash vendor on reservation.

Motorists are to be mindful of the school zone located at State Route 447 in Wadsworth, as students will be crossing the road in front of Natchez Elementary School. Motorists are to be watchful of livestock that may be grazing on or near the highways located on the reservation. While passing though the Tribal communities of Wadsworth and Nixon, the Tribe requests that motorists be cautious of children and pedestrians, and to please be courteous to Tribal Members that may attempt to cross the highway to access their homes. For more important Burning Man travel information, please visit

Pyramid Lake Tribal Enterprises

The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s three stores – the I-80 Smokeshop in Wadsworth; the Marina Store in Sutcliffe; and the Nixon Store in Nixon – will be open for extended hours. All stores will be fully stocked with supplies and operated during extended hours for visitors’ convenience during the Burning Man Festival. The I-80 Smokeshop is located at 1000 Smokeshop Circle in Wadsworth, and offers gas, food, drinks, ice, cigarettes, alcohol, use of an ATM, supplies, RV dump and much more. For additional information, please call (775) 575-2181.

The Nixon Store is located at 50 State Route 447 in Nixon, and offers gas, food, drinks, ice, cigarettes, alcohol, use of an ATM, supplies and much more. For additional information, please call (775) 574-1047. The Marina in Sutcliffe is located at 2500 Lakeview Drive in Sutcliffe. The store offers food, drinks, ice, cigarettes, alcohol, ATM, supplies, RV dump and much more. For additional information, please call (775) 476-0700. All stores are owned and operated by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and offer Tribal permits for Pyramid Lake.


Throughout the reservation, motorists may find several vendors along the sides of the highway selling goods and services. The Tribe encourages all visitors to support Tribal Member vendors and other businesses located on the reservation. Motorists are advised to use caution and to not be distracted by the vendors while driving on the highways. These vendors may be selling food or supplies to travelers en-route to the Burning Man festival. The Tribe reminds travelers that all the vendors are required to meet all Federal Health Code standards and other Tribal regulations.

Pyramid Lake

The Tribe welcome’s all travelers to enjoy Pyramid Lake on their way to or coming back from the Burning Man Festival. Please be advised that day use, camping and other Tribal permits are required for all non-tribal members to access Pyramid Lake. The east side of the lake, including the Stone Mother & Pyramid area, remain closed to the public. Trespassers in this area will be cited. The Tribe would like visitors to know that all Tribal regulations remain in place, and that nudity is not permitted at Pyramid Lake. Proceeds from permits help support the Tribal Government, water quality, and environmental programs that protect the unique eco-system of Pyramid Lake year round. To purchase a permit online and for additional information about Pyramid Lake please visit

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