Butte County July 20, 2017 – CAL FIRE law enforcement officers arrested Gary Allen Noel, on Wednesday, July 19th, on suspicion of arson. Noel, 36, is suspected of setting multiple fires in Butte County.

Noel has been charged with eleven counts of arson to forestland. Bail was set at $1,350,000.

“CAL FIRE investigators have worked diligently to apprehend individuals that threaten the lives and property of our citizens through willful acts of arson”, stated Chief Darren Read.

This arrest is not connected to the recent Wall Incident and the Wall Fire remains under investigation.

CAL FIRE continues to urge the public to be vigilant outdoors and report any suspicious activity. The public can provide valuable assistance by following these steps:

Do not approach the individual or individuals engaging in the suspicious behavior

Report the behavior to law enforcement

If safe to do so, note the description of the individual including:





Clothing description

Hair color

Any distinguishing characteristics such as tattoos

One of the most important pieces of information for investigators can be the time the behavior is observed so be sure to make note.

If a vehicle is involved in the suspicious activity, the following information can be helpful to investigators:

Make and model of vehicle

Color of vehicle

Location and direction of travel

License plate number – even a partial number can be useful

Bumper stickers or other markings

Number of occupants, including their description(s)

Information regarding suspected arson or suspicious activity can be reported to the Arson Tip Line at (800) 468-4408. The identity of all callers will remain anonymous.