January 23, 2020 – Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and Grass Valley Police released camera footage of the fatal officer involved shooting on January 1, 2020.

Law enforcement is bound by California law (SB748) to release video footage 45 days after an incident at the latest.

Given the at times graphic nature of footage, we decided not to embed the video in this story, but to provide the link to the footage. We leave the decision to watch the footage of a person being fatally shot up to you, our readers. We trust your judgment.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Below is the official release.

Joint Nevada County Sheriff’s Office / Grass Valley Police Department Critical Incident Video Release regarding the January 1, 2020 – Officer Involved Shooting on Walker Drive at Oak Street.

This video is being released well in advance of the time requirements prescribed in SB748 related to law enforcement video records release requirements.

To view this video, follow this link: https://youtu.be/3l13PiPXM-Q