March 17, 2018 – This week’s storm has brought much needed rain and snow to western Nevada County but has also created a challenge for those in our community without homes.  Nevada County Health and Human Services (HHSA) has been working collaboratively with the cities and non-profits to provide shelter to the most vulnerable homeless residents in our community.  This week, both HHSA and Sierra Roots funded motel rooms to help families stay out of the storm as well as free up space at Hospitality House, to increase capacity for shelter beds there.  The County also partnered with Grass Valley to fund overflow capacity at Hospitality House this winter and has reached out to the Red Cross and Salvation Army about additional volunteer resources to assist in this collaborative effort.

This weekend, Sierra Roots and Nevada City are opening a cold weather shelter at the Nevada City Veteran’s Hall this Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency will be on site providing support through Behavioral Health, Public Health and Social Services as well as assisting with transporting equipment and setting the shelter up.

Additional motel vouchers may be available through the weekend, through a referral process set up with the outreach workers at Sierra Roots and Hospitality House and logistical support from 211 Nevada County. Individuals needing shelter are encouraged to contact Sierra Roots or Hospitality House to see what shelter resources are available and most suitable for them. Motel vouchers will be allocated based on individual and family vulnerability criteria.

The County recognizes the service gap that exists when winter storms bring unsafe environmental conditions for those without homes in our community, and continues to be committed to working with the cities and nonprofit service providers in developing solutions to these issues.