NEVADA CITY, Calif. October 29, 2018 – Internationally renowned and locally loved vaudevillian entertainer Izzi Tooinsky is bringing back his “heartchild” to the Nevada Theatre – Kids Cabaret, a variety show featuring young local performers.

Kids Cabaret is a showcase of music, live theater and dance performed by some of the most inspired young entertainers, ages six to 15, living in Nevada County. The event will take place at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3 at the historic Nevada Theatre in downtown Nevada City for the fourth year.

“It is a magical experience to watch a young person step out on a stage for the very first time and show an audience what they love or are passionate about,” says Tooinsky.

For 30 years, Tooinsky has performed at fairs, festivals, schools and museums. Equal parts juggler, clown, comedian, storyteller, and educator, Tooinsky is the author of two books and the creator of seven storytelling CDs.

As a teacher at Forest Charter and Lyman Gilmore schools, a leader of summer camps for Center for the Arts, and a performer for thousands of students at local school assemblies, Tooinsky is always keeping an eye and ear open for young talent.

“All year I’m looking for these kids. Sometimes I find them and sometimes they find me. Some of our kids have been performing since they were four years old. Others have never been on stage. I wanted to make this available to all who have a zest and zeal for performing,” he said.

The show will include three dance troupes and up and coming young talent like Bren Altenbach who recently appeared in the local production of James and the Giant Peach and Clover Rashbi who won the best actress award at the NCTV film festival awards. Another young performer, Jasmine Ruckrich, spent most of the past year busking with her family in Europe. She will bring gymnastic dance and a violin and guitar duet with her older brother Django known locally for his talents with fiddle, mandolin and guitar. For others, this is their first stage production.

“We want this to be like a stepping stone, sometimes it’s the first door to live theater. The greatest thing we can offer our children is the chance to be brilliant,” said Tooinsky.

Tooinsky found his own brilliance at the age of 14 when he attended a Renaissance fair in Southern California. He was sitting on a hay bale when a performance by a juggler on a small stage electrified him. A terrible student and too small for sports, juggling, storytelling and entertaining opened new worlds for him.

“I like it because of the connections with the people. Because I can stand there, as I am, a little bald man. I try to say my truth. If you can say your truth in the form of a fable, it makes it easy for a child or an elder to accept. It’s a wondrous thing. They can hear it in the context of their own mind,” he said.

Tooinsky also works with at-risk youth and has seen first-hand how the performing arts has the power to build character by instilling self-confidence, commitment, community awareness and responsibility.

Tooinsky promises Kids Cabaret is not a show just for kids. The afternoon is sure to be fun, lively, fast-paced entertainment all audiences will love. The cost is kept affordable for families – $7 for children and $10 for adults.

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