June 30, 2017 – On Friday, June 23rd twelve County employees graduated from the Nevada County Community Leadership Institute (NCCLI). The Institute provides an intensive series of one day workshops covering a diverse set of issues and institutions that are a part of the Nevada County community. Not only are the course subjects diverse, but the presenters and class participants come from a wide spectrum of the community. This wide spectrum includes people from business, education, non-profits and local government. Participants learned about the intricacies of media relations, economic development challenges and how decisions are made in local government.

Nevada County 2016/2017 NCCLI Graduates:

  • Devin Bradley – Public Health
  • Sam Brown – Sheriff Operations
  • Sara Connor – Eligibility
  • John Gulserian – Emergency Management
  • Jessica Hankins – Public Works
  • Darlene King – Health and Human Services
  • Benjamin Palacio – Information and General Services
  • Nicholas Ready – Child Protective Services
  • Sean Power – Community Development Agency
  • Steve Sinclair -Probation
  • Brittany Tassone -Eligibility
  • Debra Wilson -Public Health

Congratulations to you all!