TRUCKEE, Calif. October 11, 2018 – Shannan Moon is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Contractors Association of Truckee. The association felt that Shannan’s experience, personal accomplishments, and commitment to public safety made her the right candidate to support.

“CATTPAC strongly endorses Shannan Moon as the most qualified candidate with a proven track record and level of experience that we feel can provide the insight, wisdom, and empathy to run the departments in which she personally excelled, while representing the kind of work ethic we hope to promote in both our youth and community. Having a Sheriff who is a careful watchdog of public funds is important to CATTPAC. Of equal importance is having a law enforcement official interested in protecting public safety and quality of life, two key reasons why CATTPAC members live or work here.”

Shannan responded, “I am deeply grateful to the Contractors Association of Truckee for their support. Throughout my career I have worked tirelessly to ensure that Nevada County remains a safe place to work, live, and visit.

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