NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. December 27, 2019 – Homelessness is a complex issue impacting our community. There is no one way to solve the problem, just as there is no single reason people may become homeless. In the continued effort to keep our community safe and care for the most vulnerable among us, Nevada County has re-imagined what “Better Together” means in terms of meaningful collaboration by creating an easy way for community members to volunteer with non-profits working on homeless issues.

“I think many of us feel powerless when we see our neighbors living on the streets, in cars, or out in the woods. By volunteering, we can give our time, energy, and skills to local organizations that are working every day to assist those in need. We do have the power to impact this situation,” said Connecting Point Executive Director Ann Guerra.

By visiting, interested volunteers can find opportunities that will directly support people experiencing homelessness.

Connecting Point’s Volunteer Hub makes it easy for volunteers to connect with the County’s Better Together partners. The Volunteer Hub gives citizens the tools to find the opportunity that best fits your values, skills, and schedule.

“Efforts to eliminate homelessness in Nevada County will be the most successful if we come together to work on solutions. We see time after time that focused efforts coupled with the community’s engagement can move the needle on these tough issues,” said Mike Dent, Nevada County Director of Child Support, Collections, Housing and Community Services. “The Volunteer Hub already engages community members with our non-profits to help make Nevada County a better place to live. Our community will be Better Together if we support those non-profits with a mission to help those in need.”

Better Together Nevada County is an overall strategy spearheaded by County of Nevada to support innovative and meaningful collaboration with key stakeholders, while educating the public, and inviting them to be part of the solution. It is a reflection of the Supervisors priority to create partnership with community providers and other jurisdictions, in order to build an expanded system of coordinated care, outreach, transitional and permanent housing, and supportive services to address the needs of the homeless population and to mitigate impacts on the community.

To see the available volunteer opportunities visit

To learn more about Connecting Point or the Volunteer Hub visit or call 211.