On July 21, six employees of Placer County Water Agency (“PCWA”) helped successfully contain a small fire in the Tahoe National Forest. Nate Wood, Jordan Helm, and Josh Rodarte, of PCWA’s Power Systems Division, spotted the fire around 9 a.m. near Duncan Diversion, a tributary to the Middle Fork American River.

After reporting the fire to local authorities, the three employees took action to contain the fire using water and equipment from their truck. They were quickly joined by three other PCWA employees, David Barley, Jonny Anthony, and Daniel Schwall. 

The actions of the six employees are emblematic of a long-established partnership of cooperation with the United States Forest Service in the footprint of PCWA’s Middle Fork American River Project (“MPF”). Employees who work on the MFP receive training in wildfire mitigation and equipment for incidents like the one on July 21.

“I am grateful for the partnership with PCWA and its continued commitment to the vitality of the Middle Fork American River Watershed,” said Mary Grim, District Ranger for the Tahoe National Forest, American River District.

Dry conditions throughout California have increased the likelihood of a catastrophic wildfires this year. PCWA urges visitors to follow all local safety guidelines when enjoying the MFP’s recreational facilities.