Readers have contacted us about their DSL service being canceled by companies who sell connectivity, mostly via AT&T’s network. Living in rural areas – sometimes less than a mile from town – residents have relied on this service as their only access to the internet. Many use their cell phones for Wi-Fi calling at home only, as there are no cell towers in their neighborhood.

The various companies and some computer tech outfits reportedly tell their customers the telecom utility is abandoning the old technology. YubaNet has not been able to independently verify that statement, we received no response from either AT&T or several resellers.

With peak fire season approaching, not having reliable connectivity is a safety issue. Help us map the most affected areas, fill out the form below if you are a DSL user. Once we are able to map the gaps, we will make the map layer publicly available, just like we did during the winter storms. Any entity or individual who wants to contact local, state or federal lawmakers will be welcome to use it.