I don’t like more taxes. Who does?  However, fire intensity in California has increased dramatically and we urgently need to reduce hazardous vegetation throughout Nevada County.  We can work together starting NOW to make Nevada County safer.  Measure V is a step in the right direction. 

Read this excerpt from University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Forests with closely spaced trees may be unhealthy because too many trees are competing for the available sunlight and moisture. These forests are very vulnerable to disease, fire, drought, and other threats because the individual trees are weak and unable to resist these stresses. (https://anrcatalog.ucanr.edu/pdf/8235.pdf)  

Thinning the forest and reducing vegetation provides a safer forest by creating a healthier forest environment.  Such actions also support our firefighters and residents by providing safer access and evacuation routes. 

A few key protections have been put in place to ensure Measure V revenues are used as intended: i.e. Citizen Oversight Committee, tracking of revenue, and an independent annual audit.

Read the FACTS here: (https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/3526/Measure-V)

Let’s not kick the can down the road; make something happen NOW.

Jeff Peach lives in Nevada City.