February 5, 2018 – Glenn Jennings, a Nevada County resident since 1997, today announces his run for Nevada County District Attorney.

Introduced by friends at the age of 18, Glenn married his wife Tammy in 1982 and together they have raised three children; Glenn III, Tyler and Madison. Glenn and Tammy find additional joy in their four grandchildren. They also have 2 Australian Shepherds, 5 chickens, a turtle and the occasional stray barn cat.

Glenn enjoys spending time with his family, teaching the grandchildren skills like how to ride bicycles. Glenn is an avid bicyclist himself and enjoys motorcross, gardening, BBQing and spending time in conversation with Tammy. Together they have a small vineyard and bottle their harvest each year. Additionally, Glenn is Tammy’s personal handyman, that fixes and repairs items around the house and yard. He also enjoys flying radio-controlled airplanes, and is a ham radio operator. A favorite activity is date night on warm summer evenings where Glenn and Tammy enjoy dinner and a glass of wine overlooking their property. Glenn and Tammy after 36 years of marriage still adore each other and consider the other to be their best and dearest friend.

Glenn received his bachelor’s degree from Chico State. He earned his Law Degree from the Santa Clara School of Law. Glenn is a career prosecutor and presently is assigned as a Serious and Violent Felony prosecutor in Butte County.

As an officer of the court, Jennings understands and honors the oath of office as well as his commitment to upholding the Constitution of the United States. He is looking forward to restoring integrity to the Office of Nevada County District Attorney as well as providing leadership, training, and mentorship to staff.

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