Redwood City, California | August 10, 2021 – Across California, dozens of wildfires have torn through thousands of acres and forced countless residents to flee their homes, with the Dixie fire now recognized as one of the state’s largest fires. The blazes continue to leave a wake of destruction, with dozens of homes lost and thousands more threatened. In response, hundreds of GoFundMe fundraisers have been launched for relief and recovery efforts to help those affected by the devastating fires. 

Northern California Wildfire Relief

Today, GoFundMe has established a centralized hub that will identify all verified fundraisers created to help those who have lost their businesses, homes, and have been displaced by the wildfires. As new fundraisers are created and verified by our Trust & Safety team, they will be added to the hub. 

In the wake of wildfires there are many families who need support, and through GoFundMe they are able to safely receive help from the community as they move forward. GoFundMe has a dedicated Trust & Safety team reviewing fundraisers related to this tragedy. When a fundraiser is created, we work with organizers to confirm their connection to the recipients and to ensure all funds raised are safely transferred to the right place. 

The hub can be found here:

Wildfire Relief Fund, the nonprofit and charitable arm of GoFundMe, has also established the Wildfire Relief Fund to provide relief to people impacted by the fires. Donations to the fund are tax deductible and will be distributed to verified GoFundMe fundraisers as well as nonprofits that are helping those affected.

Individuals looking to help can donate to the Wildfire Cause General fund, which can be found on the centralized hub

Briefing Local Officials

The GoFundMe Trust and Safety Team have briefed state and local officials on the steps we take to protect donors and beneficiaries, which includes the GoFundMe Guarantee that ensures funds raised on personal GoFundMe fundraisers go to the right place. 

It’s important to remember that GoFundMe transfers funds directly to those in need. When a fundraiser is created to help someone other than the organizer, the funds are collected, held, and then transferred directly to the beneficiary of the GoFundMe. GoFundMe’s top priority is to balance speed and safety and ensure funds arrive as quickly as possible, and into the hands of those in need. 

When all is said and done, what matters to us most is that the GoFundMe community is protected and those who need it get the help they deserve.