In recent weeks the Grass Valley Fire Department has been actively supporting the State Fire Mission with equipment and personnel.  Last week a Grass Valley Fire Captain was assigned to Task Force 4803 as the Task Force Leader. As seen photographed, the Task Force works on the Dixie Fire in Butte and Plumas Counties.  Task Force 4803 was reassigned to the Caldor Fire. 

Grass Valley Fire also has their Fire Mechanic assigned to the Caldor Fire.  He is assigned to the Ground Support Unit which specialize vehicle maintenance and keeps equipment in service and available for fighting fire. 

On Monday evening Grass Valley Fire OES Engine 4609 was deployed to the Caldor Fire with three (3) personnel. 

Crews are typically deployed for 14 days prior to a crew swap at the incident or returning home upon termination of the incident.  In some instances, crews have been requested to extend their rotation to 21 days depending on other activity in the state and the availability of critical resources. 

Prior to any commitment of resources, Grass Valley Fire Department makes sure all three shifts at all three stations are covered at normal staffing levels and that local constituents are still served at the highest level.

Grass Valley is proud to support the California Office of Emergency Services and do our part to put an end to devastating wildfires.