February 19, 2018 – The Truckee Police Department reminds all motorists to drive slowly, leave extra room between vehicles, and allow extra time to safely arrive at your destinations.

Last night Truckee Police responded to numerous reports of vehicles that slid off roadways, with several overturned.  This was due to unsafe speeds in snowy and icy conditions.  Also many drivers failed to chain their vehicles and were unprepared for driving in severe winter weather.

Due to snow and below freezing temperatures, roadways in Truckee remain icy and very slick.  The Truckee Police continues to respond to traffic collisions and stranded motorists.  Please avoid unnecessary driving, and if you must drive, be sure your vehicle is properly equipped for the conditions.  This includes proper chains or cables, or four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires.  Remember to slow way down for downhills, turns, curves, and approaching stops.

Also be alert for disabled vehicles, tow trucks, snow removal equipment and emergency vehicles and personnel on our roadways

Chains or 4×4’s with snow tires are currently required on vehicles on Interstate 80 between Donner Lake and Kingvale.   For updates check dot.ca.gov.