February 7, 2018 – As a Nevada City attorney with at least four cases affected by the numerous complaints of misconduct against Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason Mackey, I strongly contest the current DA’s characterization of the investigation as resolved.

Far from it, our local Courts are only beginning to look more deeply at the issue of whether the District Attorney and Sheriff covered up Deputy Mackey’s numerous credibility issues. Only mere days ago, Judge Robert Tice-Raskin granted an evidentiary hearing in two of the open cases, which are both currently set for March 23, 2018. It is the first motion to go to such a hearing, although there are two more cases that will be decided before another judge in the coming weeks on the same issue.

To characterize this issue as “resolved” by the Courts when the first evidentiary hearing has only just been set is patently false. It has not even been a full week since our Courts found there was a substantial preliminary showing the complaints against Deputy Mackey negatively affected his credibility.

This mischaracterization of basic facts only proves my point: Glenn Jennings is the principled prosecutor Nevada County so desperately needs.