LOP/South Nevada County Area January 16, 2017 – As of January 16, 2017 please be advised of the changes to the staffing affecting the Higgins Area Fire Protection District which provides fire protection and emergency service response to an estimated 12,000 permanent residents in southern Nevada County encompassing 91-square miles.

Station 21 off Combie Road will be staffed by Higgins and Cal Fire personnel. (No Change)

Station 22 off Morning Sun Lane (Dog Bar Rd area) will remain unstaffed until further notice. (No Change)

Station 23 off McCourtney Road will remain staffed with one Higgins Fire District Engine until further notice.  This is a change to the original staffing plan which called for Station 23 to be closed and down staffed during the winter months.  After the reevaluation of the increased insurance costs, the home owner’s inability to obtain fire insurance, and increased response times, the District believes it is in the best interest of the constituents to keep Station 23 open until further notice.

The reductions in staffing is a result the failure of Tax Measure V. Higgins Fire District will continue to monitor and evaluate the needs of the District on ongoing basis and may  make changes to provide the best service with the resources available.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.