LOP/South Nevada County Area February 25, 2020 – The Higgins Area Fire Protection District covers a total of 91 square miles of South Nevada County and serves approximately 4,300 households, some 14,000 permanent residents, 150 businesses, and 6 school campuses.

The proposed new assessment will replace the 40-year-old $25 per residence annual tax with a $240 one. In other words, for just $20.00 a month, Higgins Fire District will be able to:

  • Re-open the Dog Bar area station benefiting the entire District and the rest of the County with additional firefighters and utilizing an idle fire engine from a strategic location in the southeast corner of Nevada County. With this additional staff and engine, the District will be able to provide enhanced coverage and improved response times for the entire District as well as support the other area fire districts in the County.
  • Add advanced life support emergency medical care with certified Paramedics to all three stations, shifts and crews.
  • Train, maintain, and equip full-time professional and paid-call firefighters as well as paramedics to provide residents, businesses and visitors with a higher level of emergency service.

The funds collected by this proposed Measure will not be used for raises, benefits, or pensions of present staff. The funds will solely be used for the additional paramedic/firefighters, operating expenses of the Dog Bar area station and stipends for paramedics.

Measure I will be a great benefit for medical, rescue and fire emergencies for our whole community.