Outreach Manager Joe Naake and Voyager

Grass Valley, Calif. July 10, 2019 – Hospitality House would like to introduce the community to its newest member: Voyager, a 2017 silver Nissan Frontier 4×4 truck.

Voyager joins the team, thanks exclusively to an anonymous local donor who saw a need for the shelter to have 4×4 transportation and responded with a generous donation to make it possible.

“When I learned there were people in camps Hospitality House physically couldn’t reach with their van, I wanted to help,” explained the donor. “This will allow them to safely access remote camps and provide services.”

With the acquisition of Voyager, the Hospitality House Street Outreach Team will deliver emergency supplies to remote camps typically inaccessible; will help homeless campers move out of the forest with all their belongings; will transport people to the hospital if needed; and will use the truck to further camp cleanup efforts for fire mitigation.

“This truck is an essential component of what we do,” explained Joe Naake, Outreach Manager. “Our team works to connect people on the streets and in camps to services, and this truck will expand our reach to help hundreds of people struggling out there alone. This level of accessibility will save lives.”

Hospitality House would also like to extend its gratitude to United Way of Nevada County. They donated Hospitality House’s Homeless Access Transportation van in fall 2018, which is used daily to transport homeless and low-income Nevada County residents to appointments and services. United Way was also instrumental in researching and assessing 4×4 truck options that best meet the needs of Hospitality House.