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NEVADA CITY, Calif. December 2, 2016 – Official election results released by the Nevada County Elections Office show that all three local measures were approved by voters.

Measure A, the library sales tax, garnered 70.77% of Yes votes. 38,409 voters approved, 15,863 attempted to reject the measure, 15 voters voted both Yes and No (overvotes) and 2,487 voters expressed no opinion (undervotes). The measure required 66.6% of Yes votes to pass.

Measure B, school bonds, was approved by a thin margin of 55.95% in Nevada County. 25,563 voters said Yea, while 20,125 voted No. 13 overvotes and 2,817 undervotes make up the total of 56,773 ballots cast.

Nevada City’s Measure C, the public safety measure, passed with 82,42%. 1,594 voters residing within city limits approved, 340 voted No, 1 overvote and 98 undervotes were also registered.

Hillary Clinton won Nevada County with 47.43% (26,046 votes) to Donald Trump’s 42.52% (23,346 votes.)

Incumbent Doug La Malfa narrowly beat challenger Jim Reed for the House of Representatives seat with 23,463 to 23,033 votes or 50.46% to 49.54%. 2,235 voters expressed no preference and 6 voted for both.

Prop. 64, the recreational marijuana use, was approved by 29,324 voters, or 52.93%. 26,075 voters opposed the measure (47.07%), 17 overvotes and 1,359 undervotes round out that picture.

Voter turnout was 82.48% based on 56,773 voters out of 68,829 active voters.

The full results are below: