September 26, 2017 – My name is John Volz. I moved to Nevada County in 1982 for the same reasons many of you have: it’s a beautiful place to raise a family and “live the dream.” My family and I have spent most of our time since we moved here living in N.I.D. Division 2. Our three children, now grown, attended Union Hill School in grades kindergarten through 8.

My wife Suzann and I developed a vineyard and raised cattle, chickens, and pigs at our ranch on Highway 174. I have owned Volz Bros. Automotive for 35 years, during which time I created a successful business model that focuses on prudent financial management, pioneering environmental business practices (some of which have become law), and strong commitment to and involvement in our community. I have also served on the Union Hill School Board and the Peardale Chicago Fire District Board of Directors.

In keeping with my commitment to our community and the environment, I have been attending NID board meetings for many months. During this time, I have observed the growing disconnect between NID management, NID’s board of directors, and our community. I have observed a lack of transparency regarding the organization’s plans and decisions, the absence of a sense of accountability to constituents, I have concluded that there is a better way—but I believe that achieving that better way requires new thinking and representation on the NID board. Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for the NID Board of Directors, representing Division 2.

An organization’s board members must be fiduciaries who guide it to a sustainable future using sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies. My strong belief is that NID board members must be accountable to their constituents for their actions and decisions and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is required for transparency—that is, unrestricted access by constituents to information and decisions that affect them.

It’s time to for NID to have a board that is transparent and accountable, and will make courageous choices that serve our constituents and the environment, provide prudent financial management, and develop viable solutions to our complex challenges. As an NID board member, I am confident I can help move the organization in those directions. I respectfully ask for your support and vote.

John Volz

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  1. I am thrilled that a knowledgeable local citizen is stepping up to get the NID policies in line with the community. Transparent and fiscally responsible management is important so that our water challenges can be addressed for the long-term and acute needs of Western Nevada County. We live in a beautiful community and it needs strong leaders to protect its citizens, environments and cultural heritage.

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