June 12, 2017 – The Cannabis Regulation Community Advisory Group’s (CAG) second meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 13th, from 2 to 5PM at the Foothill Events Center at 400 Idaho Maryland Road in Grass Valley.  The public is welcome to attend and the meeting will be accessible to watch live on NCTV or archived on the County website.

The meeting objectives for this meeting include: review of State-related cannabis activities, review of how other counties are approaching cannabis, and review and discussion of potential cannabis-related activities for Nevada County.  Residents will be able to submit a comment card to the facilitator, MIG, during the meeting or via email at cagmeetingcomments@migcom.com. Access the full agenda for the upcoming June 13th meeting is posted on our Cannabis Conversation site along with all agendas and supporting documents from meetings thus far.

The Cannabis Regulation Community Advisory Group (CAG) was formed by the Board of Supervisors to advise the Board on the development of a permanent Cannabis Ordinance for Nevada County.  This inclusive process will take into account the input of all community stakeholders.  Nevada County has contracted with MIG as a consultant during this process. MIG is providing facilitation services for the Cannabis Regulation CAG to ensure a fair and equitable process while advising and drafting a new Cannabis Ordinance.

Please visit the Cannabis Conversation webpage for up-to-date information.