NEVADA CITY, Calif. November 30, 2018 – KVMR 89.5 FM’s alternative to Black Friday last week — a Day of Giving for Camp Fire victims — raised an estimated $43,098  according to the non-profit radio station’s officials.

That does not include money given directly online to the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), since the station had linked its website directly to the Foundation’s donor page.

The station will have an updated figure next week “and it should be higher,” noted KVMR membership coordinator Adriana Kelly.

So far, 308 individual gifts have been processed in one of the largest donor days in KVMR’s history, although this was not a fundraiser for the station, since all money is going to NVCF.

“We have listeners there. We have member/supporters there. We have friends there, and they’re our neighbors,” said KVMR Program Director Steve Baker. “How could we not do this?”

Baker said the station was receiving an average of almost 30 called-in gifts each hour last Friday during the 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. eleven hour radio event.

“Our listeners are full of kindness,” said Baker, “and this was a clear and easy way to do good without having to go anywhere or bring anything to participate.”

Several dozen people stopped by the downtown Nevada City radio station to drop off cash or checks.

“KVMR stands for community, and once again our community came through for the thousands of our neighbors who have lost nearly everything.”

Kelly came up with the idea of doing the fundraiser on Black Friday.

“It just seemed a natural,” she said, “with the idea ‘Be a ray of light in a Camp Fire survivor’s life on Black Friday by spending some money on something really, really important.”