On Friday, June 4th, 2021, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office received a report that Russell Chris Voges of Lincoln, California, was overdue from a camping trip. According to family, Mr. Voges was due to return home within a few days after leaving for a multi-day camping trip to Sierra County on the previous Sunday. He was accompanied by the family dog; she is described as a friendly, brown and white female Pit-bull answering to the name of Penny.

Mr. Voges departed Lincoln Sunday night at approximately 9:00 pm., and law enforcement was able to determine his cell phone was active in the area of Nevada City at about 1:30 am. on Monday. Mr. Voges has not been seen or heard from since this date.

A California Highway Patrol Officer learned a truck matching the description of Mr. Voges’ vehicle was parked on Henness-Pass Road west of Milton Reservoir.

California Highway Patrol and Sierra County Sheriff’s Office deputies made their way to the area and found Mr. Voges’ truck, a 1994 maroon Ford Ranger parked with wheels chocked.

A search ensued spanning another seven days that included both search and rescue and law enforcement.

The Sierra County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating this case. If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office at 530-289-3700.