GRASS VALLEY, Calif. September 29, 2017 – Three days ago, a pickup truck with three white males harassed a kid for nearly three blocks by repeatedly calling him “nigger” – in broad daylight on Grass Valley’s main shopping drag. Not one person stepped up to put a stop to their display of racism, according to his father. That evening, in a Facebook video, Jamal Walker recounted what happened to his son. The outpouring of support was in stark contrast to the behavior experienced many times by Walker and his family.

Walker, who is a co-founder of Creating Communities Beyond Bias, posted another video talking about steps bystanders can take to put a stop to bullies of all stripes. His videos resonated with many locals and a “Love Walk” was organized for tonight.

Mill Street was a sea of people expressing solidarity for Imani, Jamal and sending a message of unity, not hate.

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