NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. October 31, 2020 – Nevada County voters have been returning voted ballots to the Elections Office in droves. 43,202 ballots, or 58% of total ballots issued, have been officially received as of Saturday morning.

PartyTotal Returned
American Independent Party1,378
Democratic Party19,805
Green Party273
Libertarian Party368
Peace & Freedom Party67
Republican Party13,716
No Party Preference/Decline to State7,594

According to data firm PDI, voters aged 65 and over have been the most diligent at returning their ballots.

Done their civic duty already:

  • 74% of voters aged 65+
  • 54% of voters aged 50-64
  • 38% of voters aged 35-49
  • 31% of voters aged 18-34

As a reminder, voter centers are now open to drop of your ballot or vote in person. Twenty-two official ballot drop boxes are also available. Locations and more details here.