NEVADA CITY, Cali. October 16, 2019 – Molly Fisk was the inaugural Poet Laureate of Nevada County and is now one of 13 Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellows nationwide. Her project — California Fire & Water — is helping Californians write about climate crisis, collecting their poems into a book, and organizing readings from that book all over the state during National Poetry Month (April) 2020. She also writes commentary for KVMR and works as a life coach.

Molly says: “Poet, radio commentator, life coach, writing teacher, painter of barns and mason jars full of water, mentor, speaker, feminist with a capital F, political activist, sister, aunt, cousin, godmother, honorary grandparent, not-very-old elder, swimmer, former banker, one-time sweater designer, long-walk taker, rearranger of furniture, color maven, nature lover. Someone titled his painting of me “My life is my message.” I loved that he thought so, and I think he’s right. I’m aiming to be the Molliest Molly I can discover, and that’s what I help other people do too: readers, listeners, students, coaching clients, friends & relations… Author of four collections of poems and four compilations of essays/commentary.”

George Schroder sang “You Are My Sunshine” for pennies in a Frisco skid row bar 75 years ago. A natural philospher, ceramist, small farmer and escapee from corporate mess. He’s still singing.

George says: “My first gig was standing on my Godfather’s skid row saloon bar in San Francisco in the 1940s singing “You Are My Sunshine” for pennies. I was 4 years old. At 76 I’ve been a lot of things in a lot of places… I’ve been a millionaire and a bum, built high rises on three continents, hitch hiked the country as a boy. I was a wild kid and wound up in prison for a spell. Discovered “Amazing Grace” in a little mountain church at about 6 years old and been singing gospel and traditional off and on ever since. When I met Kate Wolf I was singing Amazing Grace and she put a harmony on it that rocked my soul. I gave her “The Red Tail Hawk” and it was her signature song, very popular in California. I sing and play from the heart. I have a great love for the people and the land and I hope it comes across.”

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