October 9, 2017 – The overnight wind event has started multiple fires, emergency services are responding and out of the area resources are arriving. The major fires at this time:

Cascade, Cascade Way near Neptune Road in the Oregon House area. Rapid rate of spread, structures threatened. 200+ acres Updates: //yubanet.com/Fires/cascade/

Smartsville, O’Brien Road in Smartsville. Burning at a rapid rate of spread, structures threatened. 20+ acres Updates: //yubanet.com/Fires/smartsville/

Cherokee, 3400 block of Cherokee Rd and cross of Dutzel Rd in Butte County. Burning in grass and oak woodlands, heavy winds. 600+ acres Updates: //yubanet.com/Fires/cherokee/

McCourtney, Orion Way and McCourtney Road. Multiple structures threatened, evacuations in progress. Updates: //yubanet.com/Fires/mccourtney/

Lobo FIre, Lone Lobo Trail, Rough&Ready area. Updates: https://yubanet.com/Fires/lobo/

Additionally, fires near the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Hwy 49 in North San Juan, Lone Lobo Trail in Nevada City.

Updates on all fires will be posted on the incident pages and on Happening Now for the smaller fires.

10 replies on “Multiple fires in Nevada, Yuba and Butte counties”

  1. Why is there nothing on the fire in Loma Rica that keeps jumping the road .It just started hrs ago .Hundreds have evac already .Yuba – Sutter Co fairgrounds is a evac center. There getting people down to hallwood church .Then busing them to YC.

  2. Why is this not being addressed in a more forceful serious manner with the wind factor ?where are the planes and helicopters? I heard there are people trapped in there homes in loma Rica

    1. You are either ignorant of what is happening or you are just wanting to stir up controversy. Every available unit from many areas are working these fires. Planes and helicopters will be up as soon as it is safe to fly, meaning daylight and wind conditions moderate. PS: Use your full name when you post please.

  3. My cousin Paula Ketchum family was able to save their lives by running out their house last night just in time. They lost their home & property. They have the clothes they were wearing and that’s about it. They had to leave their horses and goats. We hope they survived. Thank you for first responders and firefighters. This family organized donations and big suport to surrounging communities last year when the fires were horribly devastating inthat region. I sincerely hope these communities will also support them in return. Iam writting from Paris – France, in Europe. I am far away but would also like to help.

  4. I’m sorry but I see nothing on here about the Loma Rica Fire. Trying to find out where it jumped the Marysville road at. My family lives down on this side of the road.

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