Rejoining the community like a hungry bear coming out of hibernation, one of our sweet local non profits, Neighborhood Center of the Arts is doing their best to return to normalcy. Neighborhood Center of the Arts, NCA is a working art studio for artists with special abilities. Serving up to 70 artists the staff and resident artists are back at it creating art in person. NCA was also one of the many local non profits to be awarded the Resiliency Grant through Nevada County. With the money awarded, NCA will be able to afford their rent over the next few months. Neighborhood Center had been part of the Nevada County community since 1985, many of their staff and artists have been part of the program for over 20 years. The artists and staff consider one another family and have done incredible things during the pandemic to continue engaging with one another as well as creating and offering the completed work for sale.

NCA’s most recent collaboration and showcase is being featured at one of their bigger supporters, Brew Bakers of Grass Valley. During the pandemic when NCA’s in-house gallery was closed, and many other of their supporters closed their doors permanently, Brew Bakers opened their doors as wide as they could for the artists of NCA. Brew Bakers inviting them to showcase the works of all 70 artists and for over a year, NCA rotated the show, showcasing a variety of works created by their artists as well as new works that they were creating while in lockdown. 

In the beginning of the pandemic, NCA’s staff created art go bags which provided tools and supplies for their artists to create at home. Beyond art, the NCA staff also trained and supported the artists through covid support and education as well as emergency preparedness. At one time even evacuating some of their friends during the local fires. 

NCA staff never stopped caring during the pandemic, they did however pivot into full time support staff, making sure those that once gathered in person daily, continued to have the support they needed while they were stuck at home.  Many staff went from 7 hour a day shifts to being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Making sure their friends of NCA had the mental health support they needed, daily interactions, food, and other personal needs- even if it was over the phone or through a face time video, the staff of NCA stepped up to continue to meet the needs of those they have cared about for so long.

Today, the NCA studios are open Tuesday — Thursday providing in-person studio time. Monday – Friday they also offer virtual art time as well as social and music gatherings online. Their in house studio is not yet ready to be open to the public, but they are ramping back up and doing their best to engage with the community through the support of businesses like Brew Bakers.

You and yours are invited to the NCA Valentines Day sale! For a limited time, you can find some great featured heARTwork at Brew Baker’s Coffee and Teahouse at 209 West Main St, Grass Valley. I’s almost too perfect; you go in, get yourself a warm beverage, maybe a snack and then shop for a one of a kind piece of sweet art for your sweet heart. We know it’s hard to find unique gifts for your loved ones. Give Brew Bakers a visit and see if you can find just the right way to say “you’re special” We made it easy for you and we added a lovely discount because we all need some love. Show NCA some love and support by popping into Brew Bakers Open Monday-Saturday from 8am – 2pm

You can also follow them on line @ncagrassvalley on instagram and Facebook
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