NEVADA CITY, Calif. – Scheduled Nevada and Placer Counties Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting dates of August 17 and 24 have been canceled. These dates were scheduled to anticipate potential approval of new RAC members by the Secretary of Agriculture.

The new Administration had placed a nationwide hold on appointing new members to RACs during the transition. That hold has been lifted and members of the Nevada and Placer Counties RAC were approved this week. The current Congressional authorization of the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) Program, which provides for the RAC, expires September 30. In anticipation of the approval of RAC members near the end of the current SRS authorization, the designated federal officer (DFO) for the Nevada and Placer Counties RAC scheduled several meeting dates in August and September. Other scheduled dates include September 7, 11 and 25.

With the new Nevada and Placer Counties RAC committee membership approved by the Secretary of Agriculture, the RAC is expected to meet in September to review project applications and provide recommendations to the Tahoe National Forest Supervisor for funding consideration and approval.

Additional information about the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self–Determination Act Title II program is available at