Nevada City, CA June 30, 2020 – Nevada County Public Health welcomes Dr. Richard Johnson as interim Public Health Officer. Dr. Johnson is an M.D., has a Master’s in Public Health, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP), and will be jointly serving as Alpine County’s Public Health Officer while interim Public Health Officer for Nevada County. He will have the continued enhanced support from Dr. Glennah Trochet, who has been serving as Nevada County’s Deputy Health Officer, interim support from Dr. Ken Cutler who will remain onboard to assist with the transition to a new Health Officer, and will be working alongside Jill Blake, Nevada County Public Health Director.

Dr. Johnson has a wealth of public health experience, and a passion for Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

“Dr. Johnson is a wonderful, thoughtful, and experienced physician health officer,” said Nevada County’s current Public Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler. “And, importantly, Dr. Johnson has been a committed leader in public health emergency preparedness efforts in the state of California.”

Staff from Nevada County Public Health’s Emergency Preparedness team have worked with Dr. Johnson, so they are familiar with him, have tremendous respect for him as a public health professional, and are delighted to be able to work with Dr. Johnson in this capacity.

Nevada County thanks our current Public Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler.

“It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with Dr. Cutler. I will miss working with him and the partnership we built over the past seven years,” said Public Health Director Jill Blake. “Nevada County has been well served by Dr. Cutler through numerous significant public health events. While it’s difficult to measure, I know that Dr. Cutler has contributed greatly to our community’s overall health and wellness, and his impact will be felt for years to come.”

“Dr. Cutler has provided incredible leadership through challenging times,” said Health and Human Services Agency Director Ryan Gruver. “During the Novel Coronavirus pandemic Dr. Cutler has led the County’s efforts to ‘flatten the curve,’ both saving lives and paving the way for a safe and speedy recovery. We are grateful for his many years of service to the community.”

Nevada County thanks Dr. Cutler for his leadership, expertise and dedication to keeping our Nevada County community healthy.