Drying Peppers by Frank Francis

April 17, 2017 – Frank Francis, retired Nevada County Superior Court Judge, will share his intimate and dramatic photos of remote villages of Asia while discussing his approach to photographing the lives of people not yet part of the modern, digital world. “My goal with this type of photography, is to try to find the lives within lives, the undertones, the fragments of lives bathed in mystery. It is not an easy task,” stated Francis. “I struggle to search for the right combination of light, composition, and a specific moment to attempt to tell a story with truth and drama. On occasion, the intensity and beauty of the spiritual is presented and every effort is made to try to capture it,” continued Francis. He will discuss how low natural light, fog, mist and other variable weather conditions create a preferred atmosphere for his photographs. This is a presentation not to be missed: viewing the riveting portraits, ethereal lighting, and openness of these remote people is a moving and enriching experience.

Unloading Sand by Frank Francis

Francis recently won first place at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. His work has been shown in numerous galleries in Northern California. He currently has an exhibit at the Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento and was the featured artist at the LeeAnn Brook Gallery in Nevada City.

Francis was born in Utah, moved to San Francisco to attend the University of San Francisco Law School, and then moved to Nevada County where he has lived ever since. He began his photographic journey in Nevada City. “From there, the camera and an urge for adventure has taken me, over the last twenty years, to very remote corners of the earth on repeated trips to the mountains, deserts, rivers and old cities of Africa, the middle East, India, the Himalayas, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It is my hope, before much more is lost, that some of my images have recorded and preserved, even in a small way, some of the wonders I have experienced,” stated Francis. The presentation to the Nevada County Camera Club on April 24 at the Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, Grass Valley, is open to the public. First time guests are free.

During the second half of the meeting, camera club members will showcase their photos for critique. Categories for submitted photos include: Black and White; Color; Nature-Landscapes; Nature – Wildlife; Travel; Technical; Photojournalism; People; Creative Interpretation; and the monthly feature, “Graceful”.

Meeting: Monday, April 24, from 6:15 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley

Membership: The public is welcome and there is no cost for first time guests.

For More Information:

Nevada County Camera Club: http://www.nccameraclub.com

Frank Francis: http://www.frankfrancisphoto.com/