July 18, 2020 – Nevada County Public Health is aware of and is conducting case investigations for confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and contact tracing for county residents who attended or were exposed to someone who attended a recently reported large social gathering in the unincorporated area of Nevada County. 

“Everyone’s actions and behavior makes a difference, and will, to a great extent, determine our case rate, threats to vulnerable populations, and whether or not our economy can stay open,” said Jill Blake, Nevada County Public Health Director. “If someone from public health calls you, then please either answer or return the call. The nurse trying to reach you will make sure you have the resources and information you need to be safe. The nurse will also ask for your close contacts, who will then receive a call as well with similar instructions and resource checks. This helps us limit the spread of COVID-19 and its impacts to our community.”

  • Even if someone is taking every recommended precaution, they may still get sick, and they should not be blamed or shamed. However, people who knowingly engage in high-risk behaviors and who do not abide by the quarantine and isolation orders are risking the health of our entire community – our physical health, mental health, and economic health.
  • Gatherings are not allowed at this time because they are high-risk activities. Most of our new confirmed cases are a result of gatherings and people not taking  precautions – e.g., distancing, face coverings. 
  • If someone was at the gathering, then they will ideally remain in quarantine until 14 days after the event. If someone becomes symptomatic during that time, then they should remain in isolation until 10 days after symptom onset AND 72 hours without fever and improved symptoms.
  • If people self-quarantine and self-isolate, then our community will be at less risk for further spread of this disease.
  • Find information about COVID-19 symptoms and testing at: https://www.mynevadacounty.com/2979/COVID-19-Symptoms

Editor’s note: The story on the large gathering is here: https://yubanet.com/regional/attended-a-large-party-lately-get-tested-and-stay-home/