December 22, 2017 – County Executive Officer, Rick Haffey, has announced that he plans to retire in the late summer of 2018. He revealed his plans to County staff via email today, Friday, December 22nd.

“I have had the opportunity to work with many fine professionals for the last two decades while I’ve been with Nevada County. I believe that the staff here is the organizations most valuable asset and serves as a great resource for our citizens. I am very proud of what the organization has accomplished during my tenure at Nevada County, and am looking forward to seeing that positive momentum continue as I head into my retirement.”

Rick has worked at Nevada County since 1999, initially as the Chief Fiscal/Administrative Officer of the Health and Human Services Agency. He started working in the County Executive Office in 2000 as Assistant County Executive Officer, and was appointed as County Executive Officer in January 2003. In addition to his time at Nevada County, Rick has over 40 years of public sector experience, including perspectives from positions as an appointed manager, and elected official, and manager of a non-profit community partner.

The Board of Supervisors will appoint the new County Executive Officer near Rick’s retirement.