May 23, 2017 – Nevada County had a 68% voter turnout in the 2016 primary. Democrats voted nearly 2 to 1 for Bernie Sanders. During a contentious marijuana ballot initiative, known to voters as “Measure W,” voters came out of the woodwork. In the November election, Nevada County favored the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate by nearly 2,000 votes. The county saw an incredible uptick in momentum and enthusiasm.

On Sunday, May 21st, 2017, the California State Democratic Party recognized our local chapter of Democrats, known officially as the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee (NCDCC). The NCDCC was awarded a Regional Director’s Award for Outstanding Grassroots Organizing in the state of California.

Due in part to a progressive national candidate, and in part to several local progressive issues and races, voter registration in Nevada County surged in 2016. Leadership in the Democratic Party took notice.

The Regional Director’s Awards are given out at the state party conventions to regions for prestigious organizing on behalf of the Democratic Party. Nevada County received the award for their excellence in community organizing in the 2016 primary and presidential elections, for record voter turn-out in 2016, and for turning Nevada County to a registered-Democrat majority. Nevada County is the only registered-Democrat majority county in all of California’s Congressional District 1.

Local NCDCC member, Hilary Hodge, was there to accept the award on behalf of the NCDCC.

“The party and its values come from the ground up. This award was a group effort,” said Hilary Hodge. “We accept this award on behalf of our community. Traditional Democrats and progressive activists came together to make this happen. This is an award, not just for Democrats, but for the entire progressive community in Nevada County.”

Delegates to the state party met at the convention in Sacramento this past weekend where the party passed 17 resolutions and elected a new executive board. Delegates and local party members will be on hand at a mixer on Friday, May 26th at 5pm at the Holbrooke Hotel to talk about the convention. More information can be found on their website: