April 21, 2017 – At their meeting on Thursday April 20th, the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse candidate for State Party Chair, Kimberly Ellis, in her bid to run the Democratic Party at the state level in California. The Nevada County Democratic Central Committee believes that Kimberly Ellis’ passion and energy are exactly what the California Democratic Party needs to move forward as a strong and unified party.

Ms. Ellis inspires both life-long Democrats and newer activists. She sees the immediate needs of the party and understands the long term goals for a Democratic future.  She will fight for both urban and rural communities in our state. With Kimberly as Chair, the Democratic Party will be a bigger tent, with a future that we in Nevada County and all of California can embrace.

Democratic Central Committees are the county arms of the Democratic Party. The Central Committees don’t always choose to endorse candidates for party leadership.  This is the first time in recent history that the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee has chosen to endorse a candidate within the party.

“Now, more than ever, is a time for bold moves, thoughtful direction, transparency, and a clear adherence to Democratic values,” said Hilary Hodge, a member of the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee.  “I am proud to have voted to endorse Kimberly Ellis for chair because she is the right person to lead the California Democratic Party.”

“Kimberly’s clear desire to help foster small-d democracy within the party really speaks to me,” said Eric Robins, also a Central Committee member, and delegate to the Democratic State Convention. “Activists on the ground  need to trust that the people with influence are there for us. Kimberly is that person.”

Delegates will hold a vote at the California Democrats State Convention, held in Sacramento from May 19th-21st. Interested individuals can learn more about the process at the state party’s website, http://cadem.org/convention