April 20, 2018 – According to a statement by James Morris, President of the District Attorney/Public Defender Association, the Association has voted to endorse Glenn Jennings for District Attorney.

“After inviting and receiving statements from both candidates, the District Attorney/Public Defender Association voted to endorse Glenn Jennings for District Attorney.”

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  1. Here’s the context of the letter:

    Glenn Jennings
    Candidate for District Attorney

    Deputy District Attorney/Deputy Public Defender Association

    April 20, 2018

    RE: Endorsement of Glenn Jennings

    In March 2018, the Deputy District Attorney/Deputy Public Defenders Association, which is comprised of seven Deputy District Attorneys, six Deputy Public Defenders and one member from the Nevada County Department of Social Services, invited letters from Mr. Newell and yourself if you sought the endorsement of the Association. Both Mr. Newell and yourself submitted letters seeking endorsement.

    After reading the letters, a majority of the members of the Association voted to endorse you for District Attorney. Congratulations on this endorsement. As fellow officers of the court, we appreciate what it takes to be a successful District Attorney and believe you possess all the necessary attributes to be successful.

    Mr. Jennings, you earned the endorsement of the Association because Nevada County is in desperate need of your leadership and skills as an attorney. Over the course of your career you have proven your integrity, even risking your own career to stand up for what is right, as well as your skills as a trial attorney, having conducted well over 100 jury trials. The Association looks forward to you sharing that experience with the junior Deputy District Attorneys.

    The Association hopes that voters will appreciate that this endorsement comes from professionals that are in a unique position to know what it takes to be a successful District Attorney.


    Deputy District Attorney/Deputy Public Defender Association

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