This afternoon, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors recognized ‘they who do the work’ namely 86 employees who provided 940 years of combined public service (so far.)

Special kudos to Brian Rhodes with the Community Development Agency for a quarter century of service.

The employees were recognized by Human Resources and the CEO (who is in the 20-year bracket) with a drive-through cupcake.

25 years of service

Brian Rhodes

20 years of service

Beth Andrews
Carol Babson
Kelly Flecksteiner
Dawn Graves
David Huff
Randal Langer
Alison Lehman

Jennifer Loper
Joseph Mccormack
Angie Miller
Matthew Preszler
Susan Valencia
Tina Vernon
Zsa Zsa Wied
Kim Williamson

(left to right) Tami Martinson, Susan Kadera, Alison Lehman, Steve Rose

15 years of service

Maryellen Beauchamp
Kelly Carpenter
Farrah Cossairt
Rodney Cummins
Michael Davidson
Michelle Ferreira
Cynthia Frey
Roberta George
Ryan Gruver
Joshua Hylinski
Jessica Launier
Elizabeth Nielsen

Laura Pappani
Shane Peltzer
Christine Peters
Martin Polt
Karin Pranckitas
Jason Robertson
Wendy Shingle
Carol Smith
Michael Tomney
Andrew Trygg
Douglas Wren
Tamara Zuromskis

Tami Martinson handing out drive-thru cupcakes to staff

10 years of service

Tyler Deschaine
Adam Greene
Cynthia Key
Rolf Kleinhans
Stacy Manning
Randy Pillow
Lisa Richardson
Homero Romero
Vicki Wills

Tami Martinson and Katie Ormsby from Human Resources

5 years of service

Kevin Archbold
Cheryl Benso
Michael Berrey
Sandra Bigley
Dorothy Boyd
Patricia Cambra
Hayley Dewey
Kevin Edwards
James Edwards
Anjeannette Evans
Sara Fields
Andrew Fox
Jefferey French
Teresa Gonzales
Traci Hart
Shelbi Hawkins
Faye Hignight
Taylor Jackson

Carl Jefferson
Kyle Kenney
Robert Lackey
Derrick Logan
Elizabeth Matson
Heather Mccormack
Damian Norden
Jacqueline Peigare
Patrick Perkins
Antonia Powers
Olivia Rodriguez
Patricia Royston
Kenneth Smedley
Josephine Strachan
Caleb Toderean
Michael Toller
Linda Valente
Amanda Waina
Joseph Warrillow

Congratulations to all and thank you for your service.