October 22, 2018 – Nevada County Farm Bureau Board of Directors is proud to announce their endorsement of Bill Smethers for Nevada County Sheriff.

Bill Smethers is a 24 year veteran serving in Nevada County law enforcement, both with Nevada City Police and Nevada County Sheriff’s department. He has done an exemplary job. And, beyond a doubt he is the most qualified person to run for this position.

Over these past months, we have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the sheriff candidates in the upcoming election. In all he does, Bill exemplifies honesty, fairness, and a dedication to enforcing the laws of our county. Bill will continue to use those qualities to create a safer Nevada County and better balance between the Sheriff’s office and the needs of his rural constituents.

Bill Smethers well-known commitment his officers will promote an atmosphere of openness and support for those working the streets and protecting Nevada County residents. Elections are only days away and we deserve a say in who runs our county. We want to see honest hardworking people in government who support agriculture, and our rural lifestyle. Join us in supporting Bill Smethers for Nevada County Sheriff.