July 27, 2018 – Yesterday afternoon, County officials received reports that a local mobile home park had lost power with the possibility to not be restored for several days. Recognizing the current heat wave and the potential to cause heat related health issues due to the power outage, Nevada County’s Office of Emergency Services, Adult Services, Behavioral Health and Public Health’s emergency response team immediately visited the mobile home park. Staff worked to ensure the mobile home park owner was providing the proper alternative accommodations until the power is restored, connect with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) that provides oversight over mobile home parks in California, and to provide assistance to any residents who might need extra attention or help during the power outage.

Staff from Nevada County Adult Services and Public Health knocked on every door at the local mobile home park to connect with every resident about available accommodations in a nearby hotel, and ensure everyone without power was able to leave and access the local accommodations available if they wanted. Staff from Behavioral Health were also available onsite at the mobile home park and on-call throughout the evening to provide support to residents who decided to relocate to a local hotel while the mobile home park owner addresses the outages with PG&E. Law enforcement monitored the area yesterday to ensure the residents homes are safe, and will continue to monitor during the duration of the power outage.

County staff is visiting the mobile home park again this afternoon to make sure they connect with any residents staff may have missed and left notes for yesterday. The Nevada County Building Department and HCD are working together to address any permit and building related issues due to the power outage at the mobile home park. Staff are also working to make sure residents without power have access to food, and other resources.

Nevada County puts a high importance on supporting our residents in times of need. County staff assembled a task force and were onsite to help support the residents without power in the mobile home park within a few hours of getting a report from a resident in the mobile home park. County staff will continue to work with the mobile home park owner, HCD, and the residents to make sure they have the resources needed while displaced by the outage.